Coqui Puerto Rico


To better know any species is important to name it and to classify it. In this page you will know another species of coqui that belong to the genre Eleutherodactylus.

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  • Eneida's Coqui (Eleutherodactylus Eneidae)

  • Description:

    This terrestrial species measures approximately 1 13/16 inches, with tuberculos in the spine and with the eyelids and the surfaces multi-colored numbers. There is not a lot of variation in the dorsal coloring aside from that at times the color of fund, that is brown greenish or brown grayish, can be clear or dark, and they have at times a yellowish color in the subsequent third of the sides. It has a pair of externally concave, clear lines, that at times can be seen in the back. The eye is very peculiar, being its color golden or green greasy, more or less similar as the body, but generally more dark with venal black reticulation. Its voice consists of a note seemed to a honk, followed by a series of “clics” very seemed to the voice of the Coquí Martillito. The Coquí of Eneida lives on the 900 o 1,000 feet in the slopes along roads, paths and in mossy trunks in the Central Mountain Range and The Yunque forest.